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The Studio

Porsche 930 Turbo Studio Photo by Ted7
Ford GT Studio Photo by Ted7
Jaguar XJ Studio Photo by Ted7
McLaren P1 Studio Photo by Ted7
Ganassi Race Car Studio Photo by Ted7
Chevrolet Impala Studio Photo by Ted7
Dino 246 GT Studio Photo by Ted7
McLaren 675LT Studio Photo by Ted7
Nissan GT-R Nismo Studio Photo by Ted7
Pagani Zonda S Studio Photo by Ted7
Ford Mustang Eleanor Studio Photo by Ted7
Mercedes-Benz SEC AMG Studio Photo by Ted7

If you are looking for a photographer who goes the extra mile, delivers unparalleled service, and captures your inventory with unmatched artistry, Ted7 is the one you need.

Beyond their exceptional skills, Ted7 is an absolute pleasure to work with. Their friendly and approachable nature makes the entire photoshoot experience enjoyable and stress-free. They work seamlessly with our team, ensuring that our vision for the photography aligns with the final results. We can't recommend them highly enough, and we are grateful for the valuable partnership we share.

There is always the photo you look at and wonder โ€œwhere can I possibly find a photographer that can capture my car perfectly?โ€ I will give you a hint, right here!!! To say they work well with my OCD would be an understatement. The simple things are always taken care of. I donโ€™t have enough good things to say about my working relationship with Ted7.

Our company sells very high end classic and luxury cars and know the photos we end up with from Ted are a great deal of the reason we have success so quickly.
After trying to get my cars photography for years, I can finally say that Ted's one of the most professional/ responsible/ friendly/ incredible photographer, period.
And of course: the shots came out amazing as expected!
He can really capture the soul and story of each vehicle, and translate that into each picture throughout those detailed shots. You'll see what I mean if you go through his Instagram gallery.

I highly recommend anyone that wants to capture the best moments of your cars to schedule a photoshoot with him!


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