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The answers to your questions
What services does your automotive studio photography offer?
We are specialized in Automotive photography in a 1800 sqft room. We shoot all sort of vehicles, from go-karts to minivans (as long as they pass the door), but also accessories, wheels, car body panels, etc.
How can I schedule a photo shoot for my vehicle?
Go to the "contact me" page or call us at 949-878-1219 to make an appointment.
What types of vehicles do you specialize in photographing?
Any vehicles, small , big, large, race car, limos, exotics, antiques, even motorcycles or bicycles!
How long does a typical photo shoot session last?
It runs from 30 minutes for the quickie, 85 minutes for the big shoot, up to 2 hours for the full burrito shoot!
Do you offer photo editing or retouching services?
We professionally edit all the photos we take in a session. This is included in the price.
Can I view samples of your previous work?
Check our sample page, if you want something more specific contact us, we shot over 3,000 cars, maybe something similar that what you have.
What's included in the price you have listed
The photo shoot (of course), the editing and the cleaning of the studio.
How far in advance should I book a photo shoot?
48-72 hours in advance is the best. Keep in mind we only shoot in the morning from 9 am till 1pm.
Can I bring my own photographer?
I mean, do you bring your own cook at the restaurant? :) So, sorry, but no, you'll have to use our service.
Do you offer on-location photo shoots?
The studio can't be moved unfortunately.
How do I prepare my vehicle for the photo shoot?
For the best results, have it detailed! We use several detailers with different budgets. Call us at 949-878-1216 and we can arrange this for you. It is ALWAYS better to come with a clean car.
Do you offer different backdrop options for studio shoots?
No, we only have a white backdrop. That's a little bit our signature work. However we can photoshop the background with a light gradient.
How long does it take to receive the final edited photos?
Turnaround takes 24 to 48 hours. 72 hours max. for very complicated cars.
Are there any restrictions on the usage of the photos after the shoot?
You can do whatever you want with the photos except reselling them.
Do you offer printing services for the photos?
We do work with print companies who can deliver small posters on paper, canvas, or metal prints.
Do you provide high-resolution images for commercial use?
Yes, all our images for commercial use are 30 inches wide (50mp) but they can be used to print a big wall. We can show you samples on request.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, or any credit cards.
Do you offer gift certificates for photo shoots?
In a very near future. This will be announced but you can contact us if you need one urgently.
Do you offer any package deals or discounts for multiple vehicles or for car dealers/brokers?
Yes we do! Contact us at 949-878-1216 to discuss this.
How do I receive the final photos - digitally or in print?
We upload everything on SmugMug in a permanent private gallery or we can send you the digital photos via WeTransfer.
Can I request rush processing for my photos?
For a little extra we can rush things, but it'll never be same day. Fastest will be overnight.


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